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Movie-Cars - Driving shots


Movie-Cars was founded in 1996 by Thomas Roim.

Between 1988 and 1996, Thomas Roim worked as shooting- and production manager at several film- and commercial companies in Munich and Vienna. During this period the beginner hobby turned into a "real" career, leading to the start-up of Movie-Cars in 1996.
Today, Movie-Cars offers camera cars for car shoots european-wide. The shooting cars drive either on their own or are attached to the Camcar using A-Framing, where the background and lighting always appear real.

Our wide area-surface trailer doesn't only carry large cars but also offers enough space for up to 9 persons. From the camera platform the moveable camera stage or crane can achieve any angle required.

Movie-Cars also offers a camera speedcar for high-speed shoots that can be used on racing tracks or airfields - for which we've often shot adverts for Formula-1. Our newbie is a Movie-Boat, which is available for shoots on water !

Every camera car can be easily combined with our own gyro stabilizer tri-axle Scorpio Remote Head. Even in rough terrain this gives a stable, non-blurred shot.

Our car rigs are based on our in-house developed suction system, which offer high quality shoots for high-speed shoots or stunts without a scratch to the car.
This offer is rounded-up with car construction and acquisition as well as car stunt technique. All our cars have the necessary permits to drive as camera cars.

Our latest toy is a miniature MotionControl (MoCo). With the movement of the camera in different axis during the shoot this creates a brand new dimension to time-lapse captures.

For all orders and queries you can find our contact details here.